Thomas Phan's Homepage

Research interests:

  1. Mobile pervasive / ubiquitous computing
  2. Mobile sensing software
  3. Applying data mining and machine learning to data-driven problems
  4. Parallel and distributed computing



  1. UCLA Computer Science Department
  2. UCLA CSD Parallel Computing Lab
  3. UCLA main campus page
  4. Association for Computing Machinery
  5. IEEE Computer Society

My pages:

  1. My photography portfolio -- now in colour!
  2. My CD collection
  3. Photos (1997-2002)
  4. My reading list
  5. My UCLA Spanish class assignments (2000-2002)
  6. My audio slideshow final project from De Anza Journalism class (Spring 2008)

I've been a vegetarian since February 8, 1999.
I wrote this webpage with vim (and it probably shows).