A nightime cafe spot

Dave and I stopped by this cafe at night in Zurich, a few blocks down from the ETH university. This was something I rarely experienced in Los Angeles, a pleasant outdoor cafe at night with warm summer weather, people walking to and fro. As I would learn during my travels, this was fairly common throughout Europe.

This is the first ever nighttime photo I had ever taken successfully with my camera. I remember taking along my trusty (but seldom used) tripod with me that night, just on the chance I could take a night photo. For some reason, the ambience of the cafe at night (it must have been around 9 pm) caught my eye. I positioned my tripod, set my camera to, randomly, f4.5 and 1 second, and caught this great photo. I've been addicted to nighttime photography ever since. Thanks, Dave. July 6, 2001.